Ottawa needs to talk agile!

Agile discussions in Ottawa region have dried up. There are no posts on the Agile mailing lists, the great seminars with guest speakers have vanished, companies that are using agile seem to have retreated back into their shells. It is high time to change this! I am proposing a meetup where we can all gather in a room, listen to a short presentation, and all chat about our Agile experiences and challenges. Of course it helps if we have somewhere to meet, and, that is the challenge that I could use some help with. If you have some great ideas please post in the comments. Watch this space for updates. The proposed date for the meetup is Monday November 24 at 7:00PM.

I look foward to meeting all you Agileists out there.

2 responses to “Ottawa needs to talk agile!

  1. Catherine Louis

    very cool !! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Here’s an Idea for the first meeting – intro, and a lightning talk on “all things agile”. YIPPIE !! an OTTAWA AGILE MEETUP !!!

  2. Absolutely agree – I’ve been trying to carry the ball for the ‘legacy’ Agile Ottawa group, but owing to time constraints haven’t been able to do it myself.

    I’ll be there on the 24th, and look forward to seeing some new faces from the agile community here in Ottawa!

    Dave Rooney
    Mayford Technologies

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