Agile Meetup set to go

The first meeting of the Agile Ottawa group is set to go! The agenda for this first meeting is still being hashed out, however, one item for sure is to have a work queue priority setting meeting (Agile talk for let’s see what the group wants to hear about, and then work towards getting those presentations together).

As was discussed in the first post on this blog, the idea is to provide a place where people can congregate and share their stories, seek advice, and get to know what is happening in this town.

I look forward to the first meeting. Let’s hear your comments on the meetup!

One response to “Agile Meetup set to go

  1. Hey Glenn,

    I’m one of the organizers of the ‘other’ Agile Ottawa group – we have a mailing list on Yahoo at . We’ve typically met every 3rd Tuesday of the month (with a summer hiatus), but this fall has been a little tough getting going.

    I’ll indeed come out to your Agile Ottawa event and we can talk about how we can get our two groups working together. I’ll also post the details for your event on our list to see if anyone else is interested.

    Feel free to ping me directly at dave (dot) rooney (at) mayford (dot) ca.


    Dave Rooney
    Mayford Technologies

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