Agile Agenda for the Agile First Meetup

I would like to start off by commenting on the interest so far: it has been GREAT! It appears by some of the interest that I have been receiving that there is a fair bit of pent up demand for an Agile venue in Ottawa. Indeed, there was a venue in the past, as I have recently learned, and I feel honoured to pick up and continue from the previous group.

For the first meeting, we’ll do some short introductions including understanding what brought you to this meeting. Then we will kick right into the meeting.

My proposal is to run the first meeting like a Scrum Sprint. This meeting will be Iteration -1, where we make sure that the strategy is right and we start to form the product backlog. We’ll take ideas on what form this group would like to take, rank the ideas by the highest business value, and use the information for following iterations.

As this is a new group in the Forming phase of Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing, expect some teething pains as we launch Agile Ottawa off the ground.

My biggest fear… that our room overflows and that the meeting is too successful. It is always nice to dream.

4 responses to “Agile Agenda for the Agile First Meetup

  1. Is this week’s meet-up still a go? The weekly schedule for the codefactory ( seems to suggest that there’s something else scheduled there on Monday evening/

  2. The meeting is still a go! There are two events on Monday evening at The Code Factory. We are in the small room for this meeting (holds a little over 20). The best problem we can have is that there is too much interest… let’s hope.

  3. i can’t believe i missed this by a day! how did the meeting go?

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