Report from the First “New” Agile Ottawa Meetup

I’d say we had a pretty successful meeting for the first of the renewed Agile Ottawa group get togethers. Fourteen people came out to join us. I heard of one person that was stuck in the lobby and could not make it up to the 2nd floor — keep pressing that buzzer — someone will answer!

The meeting was, as expected, in the Forming stage. We did a quick round table of introductions and broke into a couple of lively discussions. In the end we decided a couple of things…

We want to continue meeting and building the group. We decided that meeting monthly on a regular basis was preferred with the option of doing special addition events if we can take advantage of an Agile specialist in town. The regular meetings will now be the 4th Tuesday of every month from 6PM – 8PM (note the start time).

For the regular meeting we also decided to have a theme for the evening. In rough consensus priority order the themes discussed were:

  1. Tools that can be used for Agile development — both ones that work well and those that don’t.
  2. How to introduce Agile concepts to the management team. What techniques, discussions, and topics areas are appropriate for management to hear about. What rollout strategies can or should be used to reduce risk.
  3. Agile testing. How to integrate test team with software design team. What automated test tools and techniques work.
  4. Customer proxy. How can an Agile team get customer input when no customer is “available” (not interested, doesn’t exist yet, no Agile buyin in the company, etc.)
  5. Metrics. What is a good set of metrics. Focus on minimum set.

Some other notes… Someone offered to bring a projector — please do.

If I have missed something please comment on this post and I will do my best to capture the info.

Finally, what meeting would be complete without beer. We retired to the Cock and Lion for a cold one after where the discussions continued…

5 responses to “Report from the First “New” Agile Ottawa Meetup

  1. Thanks for organizing this Glenn – unfortunately 6pm is tough for the parents of young kids. Realistically 7:15-7:30 is the earliest I (and others) can be anywhere.

  2. The consensus around the table in the first meeting was to move to the 6PM slot. Perhaps we will be able to try another time slot in the future.

  3. I understand, the only point is that at 6pm I will never be able to come to suggest an alternate time. Out of interest is everyone from the meeting signed up on the agile-programming-ottawa mailing list? I would like the conversation to be visible to all so we can see who it affects. If its only me then there isn’t really an issue.

  4. Mark, you talk about the mailing list, how do we get onto that?


  5. I was referring to this mailing list: which predates the group that Glenn started.

    From my point of view Glenn effectively restarted this group and for that we owe him a big thanks.

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