First Agile Ottawa Meetup of the New Year…

… is on! As previously discussed the topic for the meetup is Agile Tools. With that in mind I am happy to announce that we have a presenter for this session. Ian Kent will present on the Agile Development/Collaboration environment that he was responsible for setting up at Nortel Networks. A great many tools comprise the environment — including Jira, Confluence, Bamboo, Clover, and Crucible.

This will be a very interactive presentation mixing prepared slides and real-time demos of the environment in action. The focal point of the presentation is showing how these tools can significantly increase the value of agile through a highly collaborative environment.

The presentation has been enthusiastically received by a large number of audiences. This should be considered a do not miss meetup!

The meeting will be help at The Code Factory, 246 Queen Street, 2nd Floor, 6-8PM on January 27th. When entering the lobby use the intercom by the elevator to request access.

4 responses to “First Agile Ottawa Meetup of the New Year…

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  2. I’ll be there! I just saw a link to this in a comment in John Currah’s blog (

  3. Jesse Stockall

    I’m planning to attend

  4. This was an interesting read, I’m always on the watch for good articles and blog ideas so thanks. I’ve bookmarked this article so I’ll keep in contact!

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