May Agile Meetup: Season Retrospective

For the Agile Ottawa May meeting we will be doing some self-reflection on the season 2009-2010 season. The retrospective, like many other Agile retrospectives, will be to look back on the season ending with this meeting and look at what we did well, what we need to improve, and in this case what we want to become.

There are many Agile User Groups across the country and indeed across the globe. Some are very small and informal. Some are very (very!) organized and formal — with board of directors, membership fees, many professional speakers, training, etc.

With the broad spectrum of choice in front of us, we, as a team, would like to come up with a plan and structure for next season.

Some questions to reflect upon before arriving at the meeting:

  • How formal to we want to be?
  • Do we want membership fees?
  • Who do we want to appeal to? New Agile people? Old hat? Both?
  • What kind of organizing body should we or could we put in place to make this happen?

Over the coming couple of weeks I am sure many more questions will come to mind. Consider the above the teasers. We have an opportunity to build something new, interesting, and valuable to the Agile community.

We look forward to having a record turnout as we discuss how to build the Agile community in the Ottawa region.

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