What is Business Value?

The next Agile Ottawa meeting is on Tuesday, December 8th, 2009 at The Code Factory. This discussion topic is Business Value; a particularly interesting topic since the Agile backlog revolves around the Product Owner prioritizing the highest business value. While some see a clear path for determining business value, other people perspectives are often different.

Product Owners, team members, Scrum Masters, and Project Managers will all learn something new as the group explores this topic. We are very fortunate to have Paul Relf leading the discussion. Paul is at Nortel where he leads a team of Product Owners in a new and innovative product space.

One response to “What is Business Value?

  1. Hi Glen,

    Great topic! I’ve noticed that most of the discussion around scrum and other agile methodologies is often from the development perspective (velocity, burn down, story points, definition of done, etc.). Not enough is said about the role of product management or product owner. Having a prioritized backlog is not only a challenging task, but is essential to maximize customer/business value.

    I recently posted an article on this very subject entitled, “Prioritizing your Backlog for Market Demand & Profit”. I’ve received an excellent response and evidently, the comments posted are valuable to the community as well. It would be great to get your perspective. Certainly good advance reading for your meeting… 🙂


    I’m actually based in Montreal. Tempted to get in my car and join you… Are you expecting a big crowd? Feel free to reply or contact me directly. Thanks.

    Best Success,

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