December Talk: Agile Business

Just wrapped another Agile Ottawa meeting with a great talk on Agile Business. Interesting perspectives on an area that not many are talking about (yet!). The slides from the evening can be found here and the video will be available shortly (this post will be updated once video available).

I also want to mention that we had a record turnout with 29 people coming out tonight! Spread the word and let’s continue to build an amazing Agile community here in the capital.

One response to “December Talk: Agile Business

  1. Martin d'Anjou

    I was very impressed with the quality of the talk. Going there I wanted to confirm my feelings that Agile was applicable to ASIC development.

    With millions and millions of lines of code, ASICs are beyond doubt large software projects. I now strongly believe they should be managed as such and yes I think Agile is applicable to ASIC development. High quality coaching could seriously change for the better the way ASICs are developed and managed. I look forward learning more, attending more presentations and inviting colleagues the next time.

    This presentation was way more enlightening than any of the EDA vendor driven seminars I have attended in the last many many years.

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