Expect MORE – How Motivated, Open, Results-focused, and Enthusiastic people are created

The kickoff meeting for the 2010-2011 Agile Ottawa season is on Tuesday, September 14th. We are gathering at 6:00pm for some networking with the session starting at 6:30pm. Location is Adobe’s offices on Preston Street.

Do you:

  • Find it hard to get things done and succeed due to outside influences?
  • Want to become more motivated?
  • Want more from individuals and teams?
  • Looking to have fun and enjoy going to work each day?

Then learn to expect MORE!! By expecting MORE you will have more time to deal with those bigger issues you never seemed to have time for before. By expecting MORE you will have more autonomous workers who take on meaningful work. By expecting MORE you will be able to have those difficult and frank conversations you always avoided in the past.

Andrew Goddard will be joining us to discuss building motivated teams. Andrew has been coaching individuals and teams for the last five years. During that time he has developed a number of successful techniques to energize and get MORE from the people he works with.

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