Better together: How user experience design can help Agile teams

Agile Ottawa Meetup: Tuesday, October 12

Networking from 6:00-6:30pm; presentation from 6:30-8:00pm. Location is Adobe’s offices on Preston Street.

No charge to attend.

Over the last decade, a new movement has swept the world of software
development. Its goal: to help software development organizations be
more effective and build products that meet real needs. It’s more than
a set of practices – it’s a philosophy and a mindset. It’s iterative,
collaborative, and driven by empirical data. What is it?

If you answered Agile, you would be right. But there’s another answer
that may surprise you: User experience design.

User experience design (often abbreviated to simply UX) is more than
usability, visual styling, or making software “user friendly”. It’s
the process of designing products, systems, and interactions that meet
the needs and desires of the people who use them while achieving
business goals. UX is also a rapidly growing field of practitioners
who are increasingly in demand as companies realize the competitive
advantages that good user experiences can bring.

UX can be a particularly good fit for organizations and teams using
Agile methods. While there are differences between Agile and UX
approaches that need to be accommodated, UX professionals can help
Agile teams to make better decisions and to deliver software that not
only works well, but also satisfies and even delights the people who
use it.

In this talk, I’ll discuss the emerging best practices for effectively
integrating UX methods into Agile processes, based on my own
experience working as a UX designer alongside Agile teams. I’ll also
present a set of simple guiding principles for enabling high-quality
Agile-UX collaboration.


Dmitry Nekrasovski is currently a senior user experience designer with
Open Text, Canada’s largest independent software vendor. He has worked
as a UX designer with Agile development teams since 2007, successfully
driving significant user experience improvements in the process. His
experience with Agile dates back to 2002, when, in his former life as
a developer, he attended one of the first XP Immersion workshops.
Dmitry holds a M.Sc. in human-computer interaction from the University
of British Columbia and a bachelor’s degree in computer science from
Carleton University.

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