Lightning Talks

Date: Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Time: Networking 6:00-6:30PM , Meeting 6:30-8:00PM

Location: Momentous, 26 Auriga Drive, Ottawa, ON Canada K2E 8B7

RSVP: (Requested by not required, Free)

Note that a hot meal will be provided! While we say registration requested but required it will help with food planning if you keep your meetup status up to date.

This month Agile Ottawa is hosting Lightning Talks. These are 5 minute talks. Topics are all around “agile”… but expect some to drift into many related topics around teams and teamwork, collaboration, values, and principles. Of course some of the lightning talks will be covering the core agile topics, but surely with a twist and a great story (there are many stories and many great story tellers that have been attending!)

The only condition for standing up for 5 minutes is that you are in the room. Want to get practice speaking? How about a report on what your organization is doing with agile and how its going? Perhaps you just read something about agile and you want to give commentary. Maybe you just want to listen and hear what others are thinking about in the agile community… come on out. Who knows you may get engaged in the dialog!

We look forward to the opportunity to learn from each other.

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