January 2012 Agile Thursday Meetup – The Survival Guide For New Agile Coaches

The next Agile Thursday meetup will be held on January 26, 2012 with “The Survival Guide for New Agile Coaches”. (Please note that this session applies to ScrumMasters as well, and in fact anyone who is involved in Agile projects or product development!)

You know Agile Software Development reasonably well, using it on a few projects. You’ve now moved on to a new group or company, and they want to “go Agile”. Since you’re the local expert, you’ve been volunteered to be the Coach. Congratulations! But what now? This session assumes that you know Agile already, and won’t delve into the minutiae of the principles and practices unless warranted by the example at hand. It uses the metaphor of our progression through the stages of life to provide a backdrop for a team’s journey towards Agility, and your journey as a Coach.

This will be the last North American presentation of this talk before Dave Rooney presents it in February at Agile India.

The venue is Benbria/Toushay at 390 March Road, Kanata, on the Mitel campus and can be reached from Carling Avenue just before March or the first right turn on March after Carling. 390 March is the building to the right of the Microsemi tower.

Networking begins at 6:00 and the main event starts at 6:30.

RSVP requested but not required at The Agile Ottawa meetup group.

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