Agile-Ottawa Presence at the Gatineau-Ottawa Agile Tour (GOAT13)

Agile-Ottawa will have a significant presence at GOAT13. Besides the large numbers of Agile-Ottawa members we hope (umm expect?) will attend, Agile-Ottawa will be running the “un-conference” at the conference.

You will find the un-conference located in the exhibitor’s space in front of the lunch area. We’ll have some comfy chairs and couches set up, and a table or two.

What’s an “un-conference”? It’s an informal meeting place where people can gather to discuss topics of interest throughout the course of the day. The facilitators will create an agenda of topics based on suggestions from whoever shows up, and the topics will be put into time-slots and discussed as the day progresses. The un-conference organization will be a mix of  Lean Coffee and Open Space Technology

So… please think about topics you would like discussed, maybe prepare a bit of a “position” on the topic, and drop by the un-conference area and get your topic on the agenda. This will be a great place to discuss some of the finer points and tougher issues around Agile and Agile adoption. It’s a great way to get input from others (including a few experts), and get a “creative whack on the side of the head”.

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